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Hello. I'm new to the communtiy though i've known about my animal sides since I was little. Of course, back then I just thought it was a kid thing but when I continued to feel my other sides and began to be more and more like those animals I realized it wasn't a phase it was something muuch different. Once I got into Junior High I began searching for answers. Over the summer (just before my first year og High School) I find therianthropy and it clicked. I am certain of who I am now but I'm still learning more and more about myself each day.

Name: Amaya
Phenotype: Black wolf/snowy owl (I got a bit of a yin-yang thing going)
Age: 15
Location: OH
Likes: nature,  rain, camping, hicking, ect.
Dislikes: drama, viloence (but when i'm mad I can't exactly control what I say and do), there's alot more
Dream job: animal caretaker
Religious leanings: Pagan Beliefs


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Sorry I haven't replied until now. I've been busy lately and haven't gotten a chance to get on the computer. It'd be fun to email you. My email is wolf_girl953@yahoo.com. I'll be sure to email you as soon as I can!