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The Life of a Therianthrope

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19th February 2017

feralnite2:52pm: Hey
Hello everyone :] This group doesn't seem very active anymore, but I would really love some likeminded friends/new packmates if anyone who comes across this is interested, preferably in the same area. The pack I am currently in is called the Crimson Nightshade Pack. Anybody is welcome~
Name: Riley
Kintype: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Age: 15
Location: Melbourne, FL
Likes: Practicing drawing, horse riding, animals, sleeping, nature.
Dislikes: Various things.
Dream job: Animal Caretaker
Religious leanings: No solid beliefs right now.
Current Mood: Ạ̳̭͇̠̖̹̠͘͠n͈̜͜x̢͏͉͍̝͇̹̱̞̥̟i̭̩̠̗͟͞e̶̲̮̻t͓̦̘͘͢y̷̨̛͈̥̹̯̼

2nd April 2016

lurking_jessie6:45pm: Hello
Name: Therian name is Jessie, human name is Rebekah
Kintype: Black Wolf
Age: 15
Location: North Carolina, Wake County area
Likes: Animals, nature, drawing, music, MMORPGs, Pokemon
Dislikes: Various things
Dream job: Owning my own farm, while being an artist
Religious leanings: No solid beliefs so far

15th June 2015

neonpossum5:42pm: Hey guys
Seems like this community is mostly dead, but figured I'd introduce myself anyways as I'm back on LJ.

Name: I have various, current human name is Matt
Kintype: European grey wolf
Age: 29
Location: United Kingdom
Likes: Animals, nature, drawing, music, MMORPGs, Pokemon
Dislikes: Various things
Dream job: Working with exotic animals for a living
Religious leanings: Shintoist
Current Mood: Okay

4th March 2015

ext_30397386:36pm: Needing a Pack
I know that many people have probably left this page, site, etc. I'm still hoping that maybe someone is still out there in need of a pack, or at least needing another therian nearby who understands what they are. If there's anyone in southern Illinois or Western Kentucky, let me know.

Therians Together
Therians Unite

Info about me: I'm a lupine therian. I've been obsessed with wolves for a very long time, but over the last seven years, began to realize what a connection I had to them. I've always felt more comfortable on my own or with a few close people, but I moved around during most of my life, and I don;t really have anyone close enough to share this side of myself with. My boyfriend has been with me for almost five years, and while he knows I love wolves, I don't think he really gets it.

I've never physically shifted, and although it kills me to admit it, I know that can never be possible in this lifetime. I shift mentally all the time. Ears pull back in anger, tails flicks in curiosity... I need someone in my life who can be my friend and my pack.

1st January 2011

Name: tien
Age: 15
Location: TX
Likes: relaxing, camping, sleeping, chewing on stuff (seriously), drawing, writing
Dislikes:work of any kind
Dream job: owning a restuarant
Religious leanings: Agnostic

17th February 2010

wolfgirl9533:16pm: New

Hello. I'm new to the communtiy though i've known about my animal sides since I was little. Of course, back then I just thought it was a kid thing but when I continued to feel my other sides and began to be more and more like those animals I realized it wasn't a phase it was something muuch different. Once I got into Junior High I began searching for answers. Over the summer (just before my first year og High School) I find therianthropy and it clicked. I am certain of who I am now but I'm still learning more and more about myself each day.

Name: Amaya
Phenotype: Black wolf/snowy owl (I got a bit of a yin-yang thing going)
Age: 15
Location: OH
Likes: nature,  rain, camping, hicking, ect.
Dislikes: drama, viloence (but when i'm mad I can't exactly control what I say and do), there's alot more
Dream job: animal caretaker
Religious leanings: Pagan Beliefs


Current Mood: hopeful

24th August 2007

flippinkmoon3:00pm: Hello
Hi. I'm new to this community.

You can call me Moon, Flippin, Flippin K Moon, Flippin Keith Moon (I like that one), FKM... I'm a Lioness/Leopard therian... I suppose a lionpard when the two work together lol. The Lioness recently lost her mate (not forever, she just can't find him). The Leopard is a young male. He gets into a bit of trouble and is incredibly curious and affectionate. 

Um. I am aspiring to be an animator. I am also a drummer (without a band). I happen to really love the band "The Who". I think that is all for right now.

Current Mood: hungry

22nd July 2007

thecrossfox10:01pm: Merry Meet
Im not sure if this community is still going but I saw this from a friends info. I hope I do not bother anyone by joining, its just hard finding others like me. We all just need to know who to talk to, where to belong and so forth. But anywho, here's my intro.

Name: Shadow Huntress, also known as Shadz
Phenotype: Black-Backed-Jackal
Age: 24
Location: Maryland
Likes: Quiet Beaches, Stormy Nights, Ghost, Camping, Waterfalls, Sunsets, Photography, Knives, Tatto's, etc
Dislikes: Drama, Bad Breath, Humidity, Those Who Judge Quickly, etc
Dream job: Wildlife Rehabilitation
Religious leanings: Pagan Beliefs
Current Mood: calm

18th December 2006

calyphus6:23pm: total freakin newbie!
Sorry, I'm a little excited as I've been trying to talk to some fellow therians for a while and now I have the chance. Recently awakened as a therian, by which I mean Discovered their was a term for for it and that I wasn't alone in experiencing shifts. Five stars goes to the one who guesses that my other side is a Lion. I believe that somewhere, sometime before we are born our souls wander and wait for a body to inhabit, I believe mine got somehow mixed with a Lion's, the result is me! A freak of nature and undoubtedly a mistake, but loving it all the same! There are two types of shifts I have been known to experience, the first is a calm and majestic understanding of myself and most other living things, where I can get lost in thought for hours. The second is far more dangerous and bestial, I go into what I have always termed 'a berserker rage', during sports, particularly rugby, I was once forbidden to play with my local team because I went completely schizoid and started attacking people when I HAD THE BALL, lol, crazy hey!? Also once I shifted when I was alone with my sister and she had to pull a knife on me in the end to get me to back off. My human side is ashamed of these moments but the Lion in me craves it and I want more a lot of the time. Other subtle things are that I growl and also essentially purr, typically when being petted or hugged. These acts are not voluntary, I usually catch myself doing them. So please contact me or reply or whatever if you want to talk (because I do), or give me advice, which is welcome. I'm completely open to debate about therianthopy and spirituality in general. Hope to speak to you soon. My e-mail is shikimarugenius@hotmail.co.uk.
Current Mood: hopeful

2nd December 2006

gavinfox4:18pm: Its been a while since I've posted anything personal to any therian/otherkin/were journals, so I thought I would do so now, cause I've been talking to some people online, and I've rediscovered how interesting it is to chat with weres and therians online. This got me to thinking -- has anyone, like me, ever had the experience of being strongly attracted to, and getting along very well with, similar species of therians? I am very very attracted to canid therians, foxes, wolves, dogs and such, and I've had some experiences with them that have me reaching states of mind with them that I was not able to reach with anyone else. Has anyone had an experience like that? I would love to chat with some therians and otherkin, especially those that have very strong nonhuman experiences.. I miss that state of mind, for I haven't had a real shift in quite some time (been so involved in normal life it just hasnt come up), and I would like talk. IM me at Gavinfoxx on AIM or Yahoo sometime, I'm almost always on, even if I'm away from the computer. Also, I'm in to Kentucky, and would especially like to talk with KY weres and therians, or people who come to kentucky fairly often. Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!


1st December 2006

silver_fenrir4:45pm: AIDS Awareness Day
Figured I'd nose around and see what I could find to help contribute to this cause.

Fueled on by woodychitwn's recent post, and being rather sexually active myself, I know the dangers and the tragedy of what the AIDS virus can bring on.

  Couldn't find much, but I did stumble across something that tygercowboy'd posted in his journal.  Only took a click of the button and some maneuvering of a virtual matchstick.  Check this out:


  Help spread the word, and keep it safe; strap on some latex before taking the plunge, y'all!
Current Mood: busy

21st April 2006

soulhowl8:27pm: Name: Jaden
Phenotype: I'm currently unsure of my exact phenotype or rather I am therian, I'm researching and trying to figure out if I truely am however I've reason to believe if I am therian I am a hybrid- angel/wolf of some kind. Hopefully I'm not looked down upon because of this.
Age: 17
Location: NW Ohio
Likes: Art, Nature, Poetry, and much more
Dislikes: Possers
Dream job: Veteranarian
Religious leanings: Unknown
Current Mood: hopeful

19th January 2006

x_neechee_x5:29pm: my introduction
hello im neechee

Pheneotype: white wolf

Beleifs: i believe i am a wolf no question to it i believe in God but i am not a christian i believe in nature (that the wind the water and such are very much alive and have a spirit)

age:15 but do not let my youth be mistaken for foolishness

ive experienced shifts in dreams and while ive been awake since i was about 5-6 years old but it wasnt until a year ago i came to understand somewhat of who i am and since then ive grown as a wolf theres more about me ofcourse on my info page and please do not be afraid to email me nee.chee@yahoo.com (yes the . is supposed to be there :3)

im looking forward to talking to all of you.... i need contact with my kin
Current Mood: hopeful

6th January 2006

wolf787:24pm: Oh man, youknowhat
Uh Oh
Current Mood: lolol

24th October 2005

shivra2:12pm: Mix breed?
Well, concerning recent event of shyfts, I have felt that I have non-functional,small ostrich-like wings, but they are not always present in shyfts.When shyfted, i feel somewhat of a connection ot equine natures, and the occasional hoof-like sensation in my hindlegs.It happens very rarely, but lately,it's been more frequent.What is this?
On other occasions, Im just all wolf,no wings.I do feel rather long lower and upper canines, they rub together when I open and close my jaws.
I'm very confused of all of this, would you all be willing to enlighten me?

23rd October 2005

shivra8:53pm: Well.
I thought I would fill this out, as to try to introduce myself, forgive me if I offend.

Name:I am Shivrah, or Shivra
Phenotype: Wolf-ish creature.I hvae yet to reveal my ture self, being unclear of what I am, although I know I'm a therian. It has been only recently that I have been not my self.I was definately sure that I was all wolf. But recent events speak otherwise.
Age: 19
Location: Pennsylvania
Likes: researching therianthropy,studying animal life, sketching and being outside.
Dislikes: Many things,but to many to list.
Dream job: Graphic designer
Religious leanings:Pagan
I hope I do not disturb anything by joining/posting here.I seek information and fellow therians.

27th September 2005

berylwolf12:46am: Therian Symbol
I'm curious if there is some sort of Therian symbol. I don't know, I guess it would be cool if there was one. If not, whatever.

I guess it stems from the feeling of being sort of "alone" when it comes to how I feel inside. I've tried to express in some way my feelings on the matter with some close friends, but I soon sensed some concerns and dropped the topic. Of course, after which, they neither pursued the topic further or asked any additional questions. It is hard to tell folks about it I guess when they really don't want to know.

But it's sacred to me, I feel I must continue to carry this secret with the majority of humans. My roommate sort of knows but he's one of those "don't ask, don't tell" folks. I just act loopy around him and he accepts.

Okay, about the symbol...if I carry a symbol around with me, folks will start to ask what it means, then I get to tell them because THEY were the ones that asked. Therefore, they are more likly to think about it more. I'm not at all shy of what I am becoming, I love me, this is a beautiful thing, it's the truth. Why keep the truth locked up!

Well, if you have any symbol ideas, or thoughts on the matter, let me know...PEACE!
Current Mood: tired

20th September 2005

berylwolf3:07pm: Therian Entry I
I'm quoting what I wrote down while on guard duty the morning of September 17th, 0200 hrs:

"My hand is shaking...increased heart rate, breathing...feeling of adreneline, slight mental change, potential for physical change...held back urge to howl...

It wasn't the fact that the moon was present, but it was the sight of the moon or being under the direct moonlight...effects continued for 15 minutes within coming indoors after 1 minute of exposer, tapering off to mormal.

I could almost see myslef change, feelings were positive and full of strength. I haven't been influenced by the moon that much since I was 15/16. I'm having fun.

Shaking of human socialization through meditation, adjusted sleeping habits, and non-comformity. This maybe part of the cause of the mental shift as mentioned earlier.

~Beryl Wolf"

The following night, I felt no effects of the full moon whatsoever, even though it appeared brighter, as if I was expecting something to happen, nothing did, just that one time. I'm not "there" yet.

29th July 2005

natarylon4:06am: I am well aware and comfortable in the fact that I am of non-human kin. However, I am not knowledgeable directly of my breeding: Magery, Necromancy, Demon - all come close.

Would these make me therian? Otherkin? My thanks, kind sirs, madams.

23rd July 2005

elveness_tiger1:21pm: Its been a while since anyone has posted on here...

I recently celebrated my year anniversary of being a known therian (July 15th). I wanted to know when everyone else first discovered this? What was the factors that led you to this conclusion?

Mine was a fellow therian telling me and explaining to me how they felt. This triggered the events that I understood her. After doing some soul searching I finally accepted that I was a therian.
Current Mood: okayish

16th May 2005

samiraegene9:29pm: Name: Samantha Rae Gene/Sami Rae
Phenotype:  Snow Leopard
Age: 20 (21 in august)
Location:  New England (massachusetts)
Likes: Psychology, photography, music (darkwave/industrial/darkambience), intellectualism and refined sense of self worth
Dislikes: ignorance where in people refuse to learn such as racism, and general stupidity.
Dream Job: one that pays real money!
Religious leaning: Pagan

HIIII... ummm >.> looking round for others like me... >^_^

14th May 2005

shadokitty11:43pm: Question
Hi, it's been quiet here lately, so thought I'd pose a question. Does anyone here have a side of them that is sort of a mixture of animals? I don't mean having different sides, but an actual form that could be considered a hybrid?

31st March 2005

vampyres6669:00am: Is it possible to develop other animals in your spirit, ugh, i don't know how to put what i'm trying to say, i guess add on in a way.... *sighs* I'm at a loss of words.

And what have i started? with all the intros??

30th March 2005

cats_haven5:21pm: Hello, hello hello hello!!

This is, I believe, my first real post here, even though I've been lurking for a while and commenting on a post or two. heh Well, may as well hop on the bandwagon for the curious.

Sabbath's stats:

Name: Sabbath Silverclaw, Sabreela, Sabby, Sabs, Big Black Kitty Cat
Phenotype: Panther, felines in general, and wolf. Might be some dragon appearing.
Age: 33
Location: Currently Arkansas
Likes: Art, Nature, Writing, Learning
Dislikes: People who are hypocrites, act ignorant, and those who betray the poor kitty.
Dream job: Business owner and world famous Author
Religious leanings: Pagan and Wiccan
Current Mood: calm
shadokitty6:05pm: On the bandwagon
Well everyone else seems to be doing this, so I'll join in.

Name: Call me Shadow Panther
Phenotype: Panther, with possible Hawk, Wolf, and Dragon
Age: 30
Location: North Carolina
Likes: Art, Nature
Dislikes: Phony People
Dream job: Professional Artist
Religious leanings: Pagan
Current Mood: contemplative
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