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total freakin newbie!

Sorry, I'm a little excited as I've been trying to talk to some fellow therians for a while and now I have the chance. Recently awakened as a therian, by which I mean Discovered their was a term for for it and that I wasn't alone in experiencing shifts. Five stars goes to the one who guesses that my other side is a Lion. I believe that somewhere, sometime before we are born our souls wander and wait for a body to inhabit, I believe mine got somehow mixed with a Lion's, the result is me! A freak of nature and undoubtedly a mistake, but loving it all the same! There are two types of shifts I have been known to experience, the first is a calm and majestic understanding of myself and most other living things, where I can get lost in thought for hours. The second is far more dangerous and bestial, I go into what I have always termed 'a berserker rage', during sports, particularly rugby, I was once forbidden to play with my local team because I went completely schizoid and started attacking people when I HAD THE BALL, lol, crazy hey!? Also once I shifted when I was alone with my sister and she had to pull a knife on me in the end to get me to back off. My human side is ashamed of these moments but the Lion in me craves it and I want more a lot of the time. Other subtle things are that I growl and also essentially purr, typically when being petted or hugged. These acts are not voluntary, I usually catch myself doing them. So please contact me or reply or whatever if you want to talk (because I do), or give me advice, which is welcome. I'm completely open to debate about therianthopy and spirituality in general. Hope to speak to you soon. My e-mail is
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