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Therian Symbol

I'm curious if there is some sort of Therian symbol. I don't know, I guess it would be cool if there was one. If not, whatever.

I guess it stems from the feeling of being sort of "alone" when it comes to how I feel inside. I've tried to express in some way my feelings on the matter with some close friends, but I soon sensed some concerns and dropped the topic. Of course, after which, they neither pursued the topic further or asked any additional questions. It is hard to tell folks about it I guess when they really don't want to know.

But it's sacred to me, I feel I must continue to carry this secret with the majority of humans. My roommate sort of knows but he's one of those "don't ask, don't tell" folks. I just act loopy around him and he accepts.

Okay, about the symbol...if I carry a symbol around with me, folks will start to ask what it means, then I get to tell them because THEY were the ones that asked. Therefore, they are more likly to think about it more. I'm not at all shy of what I am becoming, I love me, this is a beautiful thing, it's the truth. Why keep the truth locked up!

Well, if you have any symbol ideas, or thoughts on the matter, let me know...PEACE!
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