berylwolf (berylwolf) wrote in therianlife,

Therian Entry I

I'm quoting what I wrote down while on guard duty the morning of September 17th, 0200 hrs:

"My hand is shaking...increased heart rate, breathing...feeling of adreneline, slight mental change, potential for physical change...held back urge to howl...

It wasn't the fact that the moon was present, but it was the sight of the moon or being under the direct moonlight...effects continued for 15 minutes within coming indoors after 1 minute of exposer, tapering off to mormal.

I could almost see myslef change, feelings were positive and full of strength. I haven't been influenced by the moon that much since I was 15/16. I'm having fun.

Shaking of human socialization through meditation, adjusted sleeping habits, and non-comformity. This maybe part of the cause of the mental shift as mentioned earlier.

~Beryl Wolf"

The following night, I felt no effects of the full moon whatsoever, even though it appeared brighter, as if I was expecting something to happen, nothing did, just that one time. I'm not "there" yet.
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