Amanda Kinahan (Amanda Kinahan) wrote in therianlife,
Amanda Kinahan
Amanda Kinahan

Needing a Pack

I know that many people have probably left this page, site, etc. I'm still hoping that maybe someone is still out there in need of a pack, or at least needing another therian nearby who understands what they are. If there's anyone in southern Illinois or Western Kentucky, let me know.

Therians Together
Therians Unite

Info about me: I'm a lupine therian. I've been obsessed with wolves for a very long time, but over the last seven years, began to realize what a connection I had to them. I've always felt more comfortable on my own or with a few close people, but I moved around during most of my life, and I don;t really have anyone close enough to share this side of myself with. My boyfriend has been with me for almost five years, and while he knows I love wolves, I don't think he really gets it.

I've never physically shifted, and although it kills me to admit it, I know that can never be possible in this lifetime. I shift mentally all the time. Ears pull back in anger, tails flicks in curiosity... I need someone in my life who can be my friend and my pack.
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